Tile Installation

Tiles Installation

Best Tiles Installation Service by Professional Tilers in Melbourne

Tiles can change the entire aesthetics of different interior spaces. Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most common areas where we can see great examples of tiles installations. However, floor tiling is also generally common in residential as well as commercial spaces. At Amazing Tiles and Stone, we employ teams of professional tilers in Melbourne to ensure that your tiling installation will have a perfect finish. We pride ourselves on using high-quality products which leads to stunning yet durable results. Moreover, our tile installation costs are also quite affordable.

How Does Our Tile Installation Procedure Work?

If you are looking for ceramic tile installation or bathroom tile installation, you may have wondered how exactly the tiles are placed and secured. At Amazing Tiles and Stone, we offer our customers complete clarity about the exact materials and processes that are used to their projects. Cost transparency and customer satisfaction are our two main operating pillars.

  • Layout:
    In tile installation, one of the biggest tasks is to calculate how to lay out the tiles so that minimum tile cutting is required and the place can have a sleek finish. The whole floor area is measured, and then according to tile sizes, the number of tiles required is procured and planned out.

  • Spread the mortar:
    The mortar acts as an adhesive paste to which the tiles get glued. This mortar is spread over the surface to be tiled, and then each tile is carefully placed on it. Each tile has to be placed so that it lies completely flat and straight. At Amazing Tiles and Stone, we use highly skilled professional tilers who have perfected this process.

  • Adding the final cuts:
    No floor or wall surface is just entirely a flat, square box. There are indentations and corners that require some of the last few tiles to be cut individually according to the specific area to be covered. These tiles are cut, smoothed, and then placed with the mortar.

  • Grout:
    To ensure that once the tiles are placed, they do not move around or come up, the surface has to be waterproofed. This is accomplished by sealing all the edges between the tiles with grout. Grout seals the tile edges and helps tilers smoothen out and level out the surface for a perfect finish.

  • Cleaning up the grout:
    While the process of grout filling is taking place, some excess grout is added to ensure that there are no gaps. Once the grout is almost set, tilers have to use water and sponges to clean up the excess grout from the surface of the tiles where it has spilled over.

Once the grout hardens completely, the tiled surface is ready for use. Tiles floor installation is a long and complex process requiring space-specific measurements and is best done by experienced tilers. Otherwise, tile installation can lead to an uneven surface and plenty of broken tiles. Moreover, the surface will not last for a long time

Why are we the Best in Tile Installation in Melbourne?

At Amazing Tiles and Stone, we have built up a strong team of experienced professionals who can guide customers to choose the best tiles for their project and effectively complete the installation process quickly. Our completed projects have the perfect finish that customers want from their investment. We use all world-class products for our tiles, grout, and mortar to give our customers quality results.

Amazing Tiles and Stone is an established Australian brand in Melbourne. We offer a free consultation service where customers can get a quote for their projects like tile flooring cost, bathroom tile installation cost, etc. The quotes include the cost of tiles and the tile installation cost. For more information, feel free to call our offices in Sunshine West and Keilor East on 03 9364 8149 and 03 9336 3379, respectively.

We pride ourselves on the excellent service we provide, affordable prices and high quality product.

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