How to Install Wall Tiles? A Beginner’s Guide

How to Install Wall Tiles? A Beginner’s Guide

Tiles are extremely popular amongst homeowners for wall decoration. Ceramic tiles, in particular, are quickly becoming the preferred choice of homeowners when it comes to interior wall decor. Their durability and resistance to moisture and stains has made ceramic wall tiles perfect for the bathroom and kitchen. Affordability and availability in bulk, depending on the design and type, is an added bonus.

Wall tile installation is much more difficult than installing floor tiles. However, that does not mean it can’t be done. Anyone can get started with the process as long as they keep the following steps in mind.

  • Protect the surfaces
    Installing wall tiles can be messy. The cement, adhesives, or glue can spill and dirty the floor. Make sure the floor and other surfaces are covered with thick rosin or builder’s paper and secured with painter’s tape. Use strips of painter’s tape to protect the exposed surfaces of faucets and fixtures.
  • Layout
    The overall layout of the wall must be planned carefully. The tiles must be cut or purchased accordingly to ensure a perfect fit. Take all the time you need to plan the layout of the wall tiles. Use a measuring tape and draw layout lines on the wall. A sample tile can be used to mark the approximate location of each tile on the wall.
  • Soak the tile
    Tiles should be soaked in water before installation. This is to make sure that it does not absorb the water in the cement mortar. This ensures that no gaps exist between the tile and cement. Tiles should be placed firmly on the wall, without the risk of falling.
  • Wall treatment
    This is a step that requires a lot of patience and focus. The base course of the wall surface must be treated well before applying the cement evely. Use a cement mortar to level out any You may also use adhesives on the wall in appropriate places.
  • Install the tiles
    The tiling process is done either from bottom to top or from left to right. If the external corners of the wall meet doors or windows, opt for a horizontal tiling process. Use an adhesive on the back of the tile. After pasting a tile on the wall, use a rubber hammer to gently tap the tile in.
  • Fill the side gaps
    No matter how carefully you plan a wall tile installation, chances are you will find a gap on the sides. Use a manual snap cutter or a wet saw to cut and install the partial tiles along the sides of the wall if there are significant gaps.
  • Grouting
    Grouting is the process of injecting a dense fluid into cavities or cracks in concrete. This is the final step that gives a finishing touch to your wall. Apply the grout carefully in between the cracks on the wall. The grout seam is waterproof and therefore, easy to clean. Grouting also prevents dirt accumulation. Wipe away the extra grout for a steady and even look.

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